3 Reasons to be Enthusiastic about the Swiss Women´s World Cup Team

12.06.2015 - 07:16

1. Newcomer asserts themselves against Champions
The 0:1 match against Japan was Swiss Women´s world premiere. What a game – lost, okay, but they faced Japan and made their winning not easy. A great start that let us hope for more!

2. Ramona Bachmann
Enormous international experience; Swiss women´s footballer of 2009; at present engaged by the swedish master; loves setting the ball into the goal. She burns to send up her team in the table. It is the whole team, that runs the game.

3. Great team with an outstanding leader
It is so exciting to see, how courageous, how concentrated the women play. What a well coordination, what a great Teamwork!
Voss-Tecklenburg with her big own win experience succeeds in providing confidence above all. This is beside technology and strategy so important for this young, international team.

Next match follows Friday night against Ecuador – the encounter of two World Cup beginners. Both countries connect regional resamblances: high mountains, varied landscapes. Join it and be curious about the course!