Christina E. Zech WELTSALON. Forward-looking concepts in German just released

06.12.2018 - 16:28

In politics, the debate lives on emphasizing the differences. However, Christina E. Zech provides very practical suggestions on how to make a dispute more constructive and productive.

Gerhard Pfister, National Councilor and President of CVP, Switzerland.

The idea of ​​the WORLD SALON – a new, old way of changing the world – is as current as ever. Climate change, refugee disasters, terrorist attacks, emergence of authoritarian regimes, digitalisation as a threat – worldwide humanity faces enormous challenges! Should we wait for today’s political institutions until they find solutions? Christina E. Zech is among the growing number of people who say no. Or better: not alone. Cosmopolitan, responsibly citizens should also become active themselves. Christina E. Zech: WORLD SALON

Out of this conviction, Christina E. Zech founded the World Salon. The idea behind it: Following the salons of the European Enlightenment, people from different cultures discuss constructive ideas for a peaceful, prosperous and ecologically intact world of tomorrow. It is a discussion based on the unconditional acceptance of each other and supported by experts and their knowledge.

Christina E. Zech herself was surprised by the success: CEOs of global corporations, top diplomats, leading scientists – they all want to join in. Her book WELTSALON opens up completely new perspectives for achieving long-awaited, sustainable solutions that will surprise you and inspire your confidence. It invites you to become part of an ideal „World Salon“ and to participate in the discourse on better living conditions for all people.

WELTSALON offers long-awaited solutions to the big issues of our time instead of mere analysis!


Christina E. Zech
Zukunftsweisende Konzepte für eine friedliche und ökologisch intakte Welt (in German)

With voices to the book of Franz Alt, Prabhu Guptara and Edeltraud Leibrock

216 pages, € 22,00 | CHF 28,00
Goldegg Verlag, Berlin/Wien, ISBN: 978-3-99060-076-4

ISBN E-Book: 978-3-99060-077-1

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