• How Imagination Ensures our Global Sovereignty

    How Imagination Ensures our Global Sovereignty

    We human beings have gained the most power of all living species worldwide because of our imagination. We are able to create new realities, that help us to cooperate more flexibel and in much greater groups than any other creatures. How imagination Yuval Noah Harari, history lecturer in Jerusalem, presents his fascinating thoughts in his wonderful TED Talk. Because of [...]
  • Refugees do Community Work in Swiss Alps

    Refugees do Community Work in Swiss Alps

    What a pioneering project in Switzerland. It provides opportunities for meaningful integration of refugees – which is a worldwide challenge. It could help to furthering the national discussions about integrating migrants in local labor market – which is a great challenge as well. If it helps to find a perspective for migrants and to close the national shortages in certain [...]
  • Migration and Challenges in South Africa

    Migration and Challenges in South Africa

    Europe seeks solutions for refugees from Africa. Up to 1000 a day immigrate this year in southern Europe. The distinction between refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants is becoming increasingly blurred. What a challenge for Europe, to open up the refugees and all people in the country real opportunities to organize and to improve their own lives. Globally seen, more [...]
  • Congrats for Solar Impulse – „We are in Hawaii“

    Congrats for Solar Impulse - "We are in Hawaii"

    What a great success for André Borschberg and Betrand Piccard: they  really crossed the pacific without fuel! They fullfilled Piccard’s outstanding, historic vision of a zero-fuel airplaine of unlimited endurance. Congrats for Solar impulse What courage, what great teamwork, what strong and longlasting believe in this great aim. Even weeks of unsecure weather prospects in Japan could not hold them. Now [...]
  • The Golden Rule for Leadership

    The Golden Rule for Leadership

    Starting point for the happiness research is the insight that although we need some degree in material, however, more and more material does not make us happier. Some degree is unquestionably important and necessary to satisfy the (reason) needs and to win financial security. The happiness research points to the fact that it depends above all on the relationship prosperity [...]
  • The Changing Nature of Happiness

    The Changing Nature of Happiness

    „What makes you happy?“ asked Sandie McHugh and Jerome Carson, University of Bolton, United Kingdom, in the same way, as Mass Observation did in their famous study in Bolton nearly 80 years before. The surprising results: In 1938 security, knowledge and religion were seen as being the three most important aspects of happiness. In 2014 security was still in the [...]
  • The Value of Joy

    The Value of Joy

    Joy is an honest added value in human interactions. Joy creates by heart, what the mind alone cannot produce: true moments of being & enjoying. Heinz Kaegi – Leadership Expert
  • Nothing Makes People Happier Than to Share the Joy!

    Nothing Makes People Happier Than to Share the Joy!

    The Barometer of Joy is fantastic! Because joy is actually measurable! Joy and happiness are not a coincidence! Each of us can actively do something for it. Whether young or old: joy is contagious! We all bear responsibility for the social climate in our society. People who are worn full of appreciation, respect and joy, feel valuable and recognized. Take [...]
  • Comprehensive Prosperity

    Comprehensive Prosperity

    Daniela Kolbe, chairwoman of the commission of enquiry „Growth, Prosperity, Quality of Life“ in the German Bundestag pleads to widen the view in our societies for comprehensive prosperity. How can nations implement this perspective in their public life? Find more impulses for joy in our societies soon, here…
  • The Essenence of Bhutan Gross National Happiness

    The Essenence of Bhutan Gross National Happiness

    „… is the peace and happiness of our people and the security and souvernity of the nation“, says Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, King of Bhutan. His concept was established already 1972 to save Bhutan´s culture and religion. By the happiness resolution of UN in 2011 it became worldwide a subject. The focus is on sustainable development, conservation of natural environment, [...]
  • Measuring National Wellbeing in United Kingdom

    Measuring National Wellbeing in United Kingdom

    United Kingdom has been starting to develope new measures of national well-being in 2014. The aim is to provide a fuller picture of how society is doing by supplementing existing economic, social and environmental measures. The trend in March 2015: Life satisfaction graws, mental well-being falls.  Read the latest results. Why UK measures well-being? „It has long been argued that [...]
  • Quality of Life in Germany

    Quality of Life in Germany

    „What do you think is important in life? What, in your opinion, is characteristic of the quality of life in Germany? These are questions that the German government would like to discuss directly with the people. The national dialogue gives everybody in Germany the chance to make their voices heard and to contribute their ideas – either in person at [...]
  • Comprehensive Solution on Refugees

    Comprehensive Solution on Refugees

    In the wake of the latest migrant boat tragedy in the Mediterranean, European countries are being urged to do more to save refugees fleeing conflict. The issue is being debated in Germany. European Parliament President Martin Schulz on Wednesday urged EU member countries to find a political solution to prevent future loss of life in the Mediterranean. Up to 400 [...]
  • Future Industries are Digitally Linked Up

    Future Industries are Digitally Linked Up

    How faszinating: Connecting independent plants via digital communication. SmartFactory currently presents on Hannover Messe the ground for the intelligent factory of the future. Together with renowned partners from the fields of industry and research they work on new concepts, standards and solutions that form the basis for highly flexible automation technology: the connection of independent plants just through a coded [...]
  • To understand Africa, we must know its poetry.

    To understand Africa, we must know its poetry.

    „To understand Africa, its culture, its people with their wishes and history, we must know their poems“, says Al Imfeld. Now the Swiss journalist and writer has published his life work: For his outstanding anthology „Afrika im Gedicht“ („Africa in the Poem“) he has collected during 30 years poems from all parts of Africa; and he has got to know [...]
  • Harvard University for Pluralism

    Harvard University for Pluralism

    What an outstanding starting point for reconcile the cultures of our world in academic everyday life: View the documentary of the initiative Of many and join surprising und partly humorous insights of the relationship between an orthodox rabbi and imam, who serve as university chaplains in New York City. It is a great set against the backdrop of violence in [...]
  • The Treasury of Everlasting Joy!*

    The Treasury of Everlasting Joy!*

    The ancient Greek definition of happiness was the full use of your powers along lines of excellence. John F. Kennedy All of you are doing an excellent job to fullfill your aims; to realize your outstanding ambition. Today, at the International Day of Happiness, and ahead of tomorrow, the International Day of Peoetry I wish you unique joyful moments. What [...]
  • „Innovation Culture“

    "Innovation Culture"

    Innovation is of central importance to secure workplaces and health. Europe and the European Union are to create a constructive learning culture on all levels of economy, society and politics and promote innovations significantly. The innovation rate should be raised again at least on the level of the USA and innovation processes should be formed more efficiently. This is the [...]
  • “European Household Community”

    “European Household Community”

    A healthy self-confidence of all citizens is a prerequisites for a valuating interaction of all European cultures. Europe and the European Union are to point our way for this and promote the independent co-operation of all citizens. This is the first statement of WORLD SALON Relaunch Europe. What do think? Does a healthy self-confidence help for a valuating interaction of [...]
  • WORLD SALON Results

    WORLD SALON Results

    The WORLD SALON Relaunch Europa has taken place. Please share our Statements for a diverse, self-confident, future-oriented Europe.
  • Common History of East and West

    Common History of East and West

    The award-winning writer Navid Kermani is familiar with the Arabian and as well as the European culture. He emphasizes, that the central roots of the three abrahamitic religions are the Greek antiquity and the Bible. With that the western and eastern worlds imply more connecting than separating aspects. Our consciousness of this is most important in today’s world! Read Kermani´s [...]
  • Prevention of Violent Extremism

    Prevention of Violent Extremism

    Deutsch Regarding to the actual incidents in Paris and Belgium I conferred with Dr. Robert Muggah, the salient expert for prevention of violence and Research Director of Igarapé Institute, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. I asked him: How can we detect and prevent young people from planning such ideologically based violence? I share with you with pleasure Dr. Muggah´s fundamental and [...]
  • House of Religions – Dialogue of Cultures at Bern

    House of Religions – Dialogue of Cultures at Bern

    A wonderful project becomes true: Since 2001 eight religious communities work on creating a common roof. On the 14t December 2014 the House of the Religions was opened. More than 10,000 guests celebrated this wonderful moment and experienced the holy rooms of the eight religions. The house is used by religious communities which had at disposal no public space up [...]
  • The Origins of Pleasure

    The Origins of Pleasure

    We are much fascinated about the specific origin of pieces of art. The neuro scientist Paul Bloom has proved this impressively: The unique creation act of a picture, the possession of an everyday object by a famous person raise her value of us terrifically. The experience from my World Salon points: The central core of big social ideas inspires us also! [...]
  • 足球对社会产生的影响力​日益增长


    是 一届多么让人惊讶,多么振奋人心,多么充满戏剧性的世界杯呀!多么美妙的足球盛宴。在一场实力相当,惊心动魄的比赛中,德国队通过不懈的努力最终登上了 冠军的巅峰。尽管在半决赛中遇到不可一世的东道主巴西队,但德国人凭借着自己顽强的意志在东道主的地盘上成功地摧毁了他们。

  • 2014 巴西世界杯的美好前景

    2014 巴西世界杯的美好前景

    巴西足球世界杯为世 界呈现最顶级的比赛,有史以来最多的转播次数,盈利最多的承办方和赞助商,最大的露天球迷集会,最火热的粉丝讨论。多么伟大的一场体育盛宴啊,吸引了全世 界最优秀的足球运动员!尽管在经济上取得巨大成功,但在巴西国内发生的众多针对世界杯的抗议游行活动让国际足联也承受了许多批评。

  • 成功的瑞士女足国家队


    Martina Voss-Tecklenburg 女士,瑞士女足国家队教练,在世界沙龙 (世界宗教足球)总结: „女性参加职业足球比赛,对女性自我认识的树立以及我们社会内部都是很有益的。“

  • 平日生活中的宗教足球


    从今年一月起FC 世界宗教伯尔尼每星期聚会,目前在Street Soccer Bümpliz 球场,从晚上八点半到十点在一起踢足球。