Unconditionally. Connect Worlds
for inner balance, health and peace in the world.

Unconditionally. Connect Worlds: Connect Worlds Association aims to bring inner balance, health and peace to the world. To this end, we unconnditionally connect worlds and bring together cosmopolitan people from all sectors of economy and health.

At WORLD SALON we develop ideas for solutions to the central social issues of our time together with outstanding experts and guests. We summarize the solutions in statements and subsequently initiate projects to make our world more harmonious and worth living in for all people.

It is up to us what the world of tomorrow will look like. Join us in shaping it!


  • Mit Gesundheit Welten verbinden

    Mit Gesundheit Welten verbinden

    Nun ist es soweit. Wir haben gemeinsam mit erfahrenen Ärztinnen und Therapeuten im deutschsprachigen Raum die Online-Immunspezialistin Coretify für Sie entwickelt. Coretify ist quasi „Welten verbinden von innen“, daher lade ich Sie gerne dazu ein. Klicken Sie hier und lernen Sie Coretify noch heute kennen. Coretify bedeutet wörtlich: Entdecke deinen Kern und leben ihn. Coretify ist Ihre effiziente und persönliche [...]
  • Normality is the Greatest Luxury

    Normality is the Greatest Luxury

    The corona crisis shows us around the world that there is nothing better than normality. We learn now: Normality is the greatest luxury. There is nothing more important than being healthy, having food, being around people without fear. All of this is currently not possible for many of us or is questioned. In normal times, such requests are often seen [...]
  • Peace Perspective for Middle East

    Peace Perspective for Middle East

    It is one of the most sensitive topics of our time. The conflict seems insoluble: How can peace be established between Israel and Palestine?  People from Israel, Palestine and Switzerland create feasible perspectives for one of the toughest conflicts of our time: Peace constellation Israel – Palestine. Watch our video with the most important findings (03:19 min.).  The search lasted [...]