Strong Impulses for our Society

Joy is fundamental for our life. Joy as an internal position is a basic for our creativity. Brain research indicates repeatedly. Joy gives us impulse for the required advancement of our societies.

From the history of mankind we know: In times of the lack, progress originates from the tendon for more. As long as other societies set an example to us in what this “more” can exist, than the orientation is easy. Nevertheless, in our sophisticated countries we often lack the perspective. Many advanced civilizations have failed in the past exactly in her blossom.

The development in Asia shows that our standstill means step backwards. In the western countries with their high esteem of self-determination and freedom of speech we need an impulse which corresponds to our values.

Joy begins with the esteem of the abundance around us: of peace, of security, of prosperity. From this place we have the historically unique chance to renew the success factors of our societies. Development is essential in our mature industrial nations to retain our prosperity and our high values in freedom and human rights.

Which a new dimension of the living together combined with lastingness and humanity is possible. To bring this perspective together with you in the world is my concern. Be a part!

Inspiring Insights

I consider that happiness can be a barometer of well being. I subscribe to the view that happiness is about pleasure and purpose. We need to experience the positive emotions like joy, but we also need purpose/meaning to experience happiness over time. Joy and pleasure can bring about momentary happiness. If we have purpose and or meaning in our lives – then contentment, sense of achievement, actualization help create happy state.

Sandie McHugh, Research Associate in Psychology, The University of Bolton, UK

Please find here the complete presentation of McHughs inspiring results. THANK you, Sandie, for your sharing!

Starting point for the happiness research is the insight that although we need some degree in material, however, more and more material does not make us happier. Some degree is unquestionably important and necessary to satisfy the (reason) needs and to win financial security. The happiness research points to the fact that it depends above all on the relationship prosperity and therefore on the contact with each other. Here the golden rule is valid as a signpost: „What you want that the people do you that also acts to them“ (Matthew 7. 12). Without this anchoring, without such leadership ethics, it becomes difficult to win employee for cooperation, to release that is engagement and creativity.

Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Ruckriegel, Happiness Researcher, Technische Hochschule Nürnberg, Germany

in: Karlheinz Ruckriegel, Günter Niklewski, Andreas Haupt: Gesundes Führen mit Erkenntnissen der Glücksforschung. Haufe Verlag 2014, S. 33 (originally German)

Nothing makes people happier than to share the joy!
The Barometer of Joy is fantastic!
Because joy is actually measurable!

Joy and happiness are not a coincidence! Each of us can actively do something for it.
Whether young or old: joy is contagious! We all bear responsibility for the social climate in our society.
People who are worn full of appreciation, respect and joy, feel valuable and recognized.
Take this day and live by the motto: I am a friendly person!

Simone Langendörfer, Happiness Researcher

Joy is an honest added value in human interactions.
Joy creates by heart, what the mind alone cannot produce: true moments of being & enjoying.

Heinz Kaegi – Leadership Expert