Barometer of Joy 2014

The executives in Switzerland and also in Germany are aware very much, in which prospering country they live and work. They wish that this careful and esteeming perception spreads; that the staff recognises their potential and resources and use it instead of looking for missing. They wish more joy, more open contact with each other and more spirited action.

The wishes to their country and the world contain above all high values like peace, freedom, individual needs like more satisfaction and time for each other. In our sophisticated countries we are used that the people wish first-class individual needs. In China basic needs like health and advancement are more often wished. But also in China the interviewees already wish at the fourth place „gratitude“.

China has fast caught up astonishingly: The people enjoy her growing prosperity. Now, on the other hand, they already deplore the rapidly growing whirligig of time. Already the phenomenon piles up that the people do not perceive her wonderful achievements any more and esteem and are able. Also in China increases the need in joy!

Is central that the individually experienced joy gives huge vitality and creativity to outstanding characters. Strong personal and informal affiliation works: to finding the life partner, the birth of a child, to the backing of the family and the beat of heavy illness. Secondly, they live on moments of big personality development: the experience of own pioneering creativity, but also to discovering remote worlds on travelling.

Foundation of the Barometer of Joy

The Barometer of Joy was carried out in 2014 as a privately financed initiative in cooperation with ETH Zurich for the first time with some hundred executives in Switzerland, Germany, the EU and China as a part-standardised chance random survey and combinded with explorative, open interviews.