JOY. IMPULSE: With Pleasure to Top Confiserie


Eric Baumann, Milan Prenosil, Christina Zech, Heiko Nieder (v.l.) im Hotel Dolder Grand, Zürich

Eric Baumann, Milan Prenosil, Christina E. Zech, Heiko Nieder (from left) at Hotel Dolder Grand, Zurich

Barometer of Joy 2015 – The Results

60% of respondents believe that joy is influenced half by internal factors. This coincides with the result of research by Richard Esterlin, of 1974 as a first pointing out that joy strongly depends on the inner attitude: There is a capacity for joy and that we can control.

When asked what your options are in top management, to increase the joy in your company: It is most important to trust employees, to provide feedback, to see them as human beings and to be a role model to them.

It is striking: money and promotion are not in the top four answers. These are, according to numerous studies, to be the most widespread benefits in companies. They are certainly important and good. They seem to be easier to implement, than a role model, to see people as people, especially in our complex, international and fast-moving environment. It takes a lot of courage and unity of leadership to such a holistic approach to life in companies. If it succeeds, unexpected, positive energy can be released when the entire staff.

Really large, peaceful ideas arise only in an atmosphere of freedom and the joy of discovery, not in an atmosphere of oppression and fear. This applies to companies, organizations as well as for the entire society. We in our rich societies face a special challenge: Just because we have already achieved by Maslow everything, we ask ourselves often consciously or unconsciously, where joy is to come for us? Where does the strength for new, ever-higher goals, where the inspiration for the basic development of our companies and our society?

We have arrived at a historic moment, as has often in history, is due to the focus on the essentials: We should make us our prosperity, our stable, peaceful environment conscious and be grateful for it. From the joy we are curious and open for unprecedented influences and ideas. So we can create great new that keeps us all moving forward crucially.

Unconditionally. Connecting worlds with joy is my concern. Be a part.

Joy – Highest Quality – Always reinvent yourself

This is what Heiko Nieder, Milan Prenosil and Eric Baumann stand for; they are a symbol of my request: With the Barometer of Joy I want to encourage our great, mature society with positive impulses to enjoy life and to reinvent itself in order to shape the future in our interconnected world decisively.

Heiko Nieder, Chef Fine Dining at the Dolder Grand in Zurich and most decorated chef has a clear maxim: „I am an egoist. If it tastes myself, I assume that it also tastes good to my clients. “

Milan Prenosil, Chairman of the Board of Sprüngli, leads together with his brother, the traditional house with ever new variations of the legendary Luxemburgerli and tireless innovation to new culinary heights in Switzerland and for a year also in Dubai.

Eric Baumann represents with his Zurich Confiserie Eric’s as only German-speaking Swiss, the relay dessert. He lives his slogan „We bake joie de vivre“ as the head to be without a boss to have time for creation and to retain traction.