WORLD SALON Relaunch Europe

For hundreds of years, Europe has been a leader in global development. Europe is home to several advanced cultures. Today, in spite of the crises it is experiencing, Europe represents the best quality of life, the power of innovation and the preservation of freedom and human rights. There is so much amazing abundance, such a rich plethora of societies! Unfortunately, our readiness to move forward is disappearing. We see a great degree of unease about the shift in global attention.

Research tells us that an inclusive social structure is vital for a nation’s success. People are prepared to accomplish a great deal if they have the confidence to participate in this growing prosperity!

What values help us to develop a new great orientation in Europe as a result of this abundance? What factors enable us to reach new levels of development so that we can attain more peace, internal abundance and a new key position in the world. How can we achieve a public discourse, so that we can inspire the enthusiastic support of all Europeans for this fundamental relaunch?

Give yourself the opportunity to experience amazing insights and magical eye-openers at my World Salon. Feel the enriching power of our focus. Take part in shaping our common statements. Implement them in the world with me.

Each World Salon will change the world: encounters, orientation, abundance, commitment will ensue; impulses for an effective, historical ongoing development for all will be provided.