Relaunch: Statements for a Diverse,

Self-confident, Future-oriented Europe

Europe, with its high values for human rights, diversity and wealth, is a great example for many nations. For Europe to continue to fulfil its unique role in the world actively, the European Union with its member and neighbouring states is to develop a common will in all central matters and be guided by the big idea of Europe.

So that our societies develop to the well-being all and that the enormous potentials of the people in Europe grow further, the following aims have priority:

„European Household Community“ | A healthy self-confidence of all citizens is a prerequisites for a valuating interaction of all European cultures. Europe and the European Union are to point our way for this and promote the independent co-operation of all citizens.

Nutrition in the Knowledge Society | Conscious life and conscious nutrition essentially strengthen our knowledge society. Europe and the European Union should inform about this and educate particularly young people. The overhead costs for health should thereby sink and people should become more efficient.

Innovation Culture | Innovation is of central importance to secure workplaces and health. Europe and the European Union are to create a constructive learning culture on all levels of economy, society and politics and promote innovations significantly. The innovation rate should be raised again at least on the level of the USA and innovation processes should be formed more efficiently.

Many THANKs to my experts and all guests of my WORLD SALON Relaunch Europe for our wonderful, inspired cooperation.

We would like to inspire you and all people in Europe for our statements. And we want to win you to the realization in your field and together with us. Be a part! You are most welcome.

Encounters. Orientation. Abundance. Commitment. Shaping.