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Football has become the world’s No 1 sport. Football shapes identity in a unique way and connects people of all classes and nations. Moreover, the cultures and religions of our world are highly divergent for historical reasons. What liberating force for all would be generated if our societies were reconciled! How can we take advantage of the growing global fascination for football to resolve this central issue of our time?

World Salon World Religion Football arranged on 7 November 2013 in Zurich following statements

What a moving, world-encompassing reconciliation comes to be when people of all religions meet in strength and respect!

Encounters in Strength and Respect | To promote this enriching valuation, young people around the world should receive inter-religious education and engage in exchange.

„Football is faster than words“ (Orhan Pamuk) | The global enthusiasm for soccer is to merge with joy in the world’s religions. The U21 is to host tournaments with Changing Teams: changing inter-religious teams with interviews about the religious and cultural lifestyles in the in the play breaks.

Ethical Journalism | The media influence people’s world view decisively. Imagine the effect that balanced reports about the world religions in addition to the current news can have! Imagine how much positive news will encourage people around the world!

Imagine, how much the living conditions of all people can improve by reconciliation of the world’s religions!

I would like to THANK my experts
Dr. Assia BenSalah Alaoui, Dr. Prinz Asfa-Wossen Asserate, Prof. Dr. Klaus-Michael Bogdal, Pastor Josef Hochstrasser and Martina Voss-Tecklenburg
and all the guests of my World Religion Football World Salon for our wonderful, inspired cooperation!