How Imagination Ensures our Global Sovereignty

03.08.2015 - 06:08

We human beings have gained the most power of all living species worldwide because of our imagination. We are able to create new realities, that help us to cooperate more flexibel and in much greater groups than any other creatures. How imagination
Yuval Noah Harari, history lecturer in Jerusalem, presents his fascinating thoughts in his wonderful TED Talk.
Because of our imagination, Harari says, we deal with our daily life so successful, that we are able to dominate the world. Even dark parts of our history result from our ability of flexible cooperation.

Now, let´s think the other way around: The more we use this outstanding skill, the more we are able to manage the challenge of reconcile our cultures and our species with the world. It depends from the power of our imagination, from our willingness to cooperate. If we can imagine, we will reach it.
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