Income and Happiness – Nobel Prize for Economics and Happiness Research

23.10.2015 - 17:16

Angus Deaton will be honored with the Nobel Prize in Economic Science 2015. His outstanding research combines economic theory and measurable behaviour of all day live in a inspiring way. His main field is the econmic context of happiness. He found out together with Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman the surprising: money is important for our zest for liveNevertheless, from a certain income height it does not lead any more to an increase of our happiness. In the US, this threshold is currently around 75,000 US dollars.Income and Happiness.

Deaton´s research have quite concrete effects: Some enterprises guarantee a „luck minimum wage“ for her employees according to his results.
As a result to his poverty research in India the government straightened her programmes to the support of poor households anew, the rural population was considered by far stronger.

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