Migration and Challenges in South Africa

20.07.2015 - 08:46

Europe seeks solutions for refugees from Africa. Up to 1000 a day immigrate this year in southern Europe. The distinction between refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants is becoming increasingly blurred. What a challenge for Europe, to open up the refugees and all people in the country real opportunities to organize and to improve their own lives.

Globally seen, more people flee: According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) increased their number in 2014 from 51.2 to 59.5 millions. Most come from Africa. And for decades the poorest countries accomodate the majority of people who have fled repressive or authoritarian regimes, namely 86%, according to „New York Times“.

So, Europe and the world urgently need constructive solutions. So far, in most European countries, migrants and asylum seekers are held in camps, without that they have the right to work, so that the vision of a better life remains as volatile as in their homeland. There have asylum seekers more easily in South Africa. The South African Refugee Act 1998 allows any foreigner who comes to South Africa (whether in legal or illegal ways) to be registered in a refugee reception office as an asylum seeker. They then receive an asylum seekers number which allow them to enjoy many rights and freedoms as nationals.

Helen Zille, the Premier of the Western Cape and former Mayor of Cape Town, shows in her comment in the NZZ (in German), what approaches and challenges exist, so that in the emerging economy of South Africa occur permanently real opportunities.