Orientation in our Complex International Environment – WORLD SALON The West and…

16.02.2016 - 16:52

At the first WORLD SALON World Religion Football in November 2013 we discussed pioneering perspectives how the world religions can be reconciled with the exciting phenomenon Football. At the WORLD SALON Relaunch Europe, we developed encouraging perspectives to inspire all Europeans for future European cooperation. Orientation in our complex international Environment

We experience in our turbulent times big changes. How much we wish orientation in the complex international environment! In WORLD SALON The West and… we have gained recently in Berlin profound insights into the desired peaceful coexistence of World Cultures. In the past, the West was by no means always peacefully with other world cultures. On the other hand Europe has developed in the Enlightenment great social concepts which can be the basis of stable societies and states around the world in the future.

We could learn from Dr. Bahmand Nirumand with surprise that there is a growing interest in reforms in the sense of human rights in the Islamic world. What hopeful prospects open up for our mutual rapprochement! What chances are there for world peace!

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