Peace Perspective for Middle East

13.12.2019 - 16:47

It is one of the most sensitive topics of our time. The conflict seems insoluble: How can peace be established between Israel and Palestine? 

People from Israel, Palestine and Switzerland create feasible perspectives for one of the toughest conflicts of our time: Peace constellation Israel – Palestine.

Watch our video with the most important findings (03:19 min.). 

The search lasted almost half a year. Then it happened: people from Israel, Palestine and Switzerland came together for a day in Zurich. They didn’t know each other before. But they developed perspectives for a solution that everyone longs for. For the peace in the Middle East that the world needs.

The aim of the project is to help all people involved in the Middle East conflict to find peace through peace constellations. The film documentaries are intended to show a broad audience how the seemingly unthinkable – peace in the Middle East – can become reality.

The message: solutions are possible even for the greatest conflicts. You just have to want them. And use the right instruments to bring them about. So that the will becomes possible. I have developed the Worldsalon approach for this and incorporate holistic methods and even music into my consultations.

It is my greatest concern to create solutions for the central tasks of our time. For a world worth living in for all of us.

Christina E. Zech | Solutions for politics and society.

Peace Constellation

The Middle East War is the central conflict of our time. For centuries, many nations have been closely linked to Jewish culture and suffering and have therefore been involved in the Middle East conflict. And as long as Israel and Palestine are at war, there can be no peace between the Arab world and the West.

My concern is to contribute to peace between Palestine and Israel through political constellations. This dynamic, well-founded and solution-oriented method has proven itself in psychotherapy for the solution of intergenerational conflicts. In the meantime it is also successfully used in complex social conflicts.

You can find out more about the Peace Constellation Approach here.