Refugees do Community Work in Swiss Alps

30.07.2015 - 08:47

What a pioneering project in Switzerland. It provides opportunities for meaningful integration of refugees – which is a worldwide challenge. It could help to furthering the national discussions about integrating migrants in local labor market – which is a great challenge as well. If it helps to find a perspective for migrants and to close the national shortages in certain sectors, it could be a great chance. Refugees do Community Work in Swiss Alps

Uncondtionally. Connecting Worlds is my ambition. Be a part.


„Testing of work assignments
Asylum seekers in high mountains
On the Lukmanierpass refugees are housed – in a bunker of the army. The surrounding Grison and Ticino communities accept the asylum seekers, since they will make community service.“ (Translation)

Read the full Neue Zürcher Zeitung Article (in German).