The Golden Rule for Leadership

09.06.2015 - 07:13

Starting point for the happiness research is the insight that although we need some degree in material, however, more and more material does not make us happier. Some degree is unquestionably important and necessary to satisfy the (reason) needs and to win financial security. The happiness research points to the fact that it depends above all on the relationship prosperity and therefore on the contact with each other. Here the golden rule is valid as a signpost: „What you want that the people do you that also acts to them“ (Matthew 7. 12). Without this anchoring, without such leadership ethics, it becomes difficult to win employee for cooperation, to release that is engagement and creativity.

Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Ruckriegel, Happiness Researcher, Technische Hochschule Nürnberg

in: Karlheinz Ruckriegel, Günter Niklewski, Andreas Haupt: Gesundes Führen mit Erkenntnissen der Glücksforschung. Haufe Verlag 2014, S. 33 (originally German)

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