The Social Meaning of Football Grows

22.07.2014 - 17:16

How surprising was the Fifa Football World Cup in 2014, how making happy, how dramatic! How brilliantly football was played! How hard and thus worthily won the German national team the championship title in a gripping final against Argentina on eye-level. How clear it got that increased national success expectations can sportingly paralyze the otherwise so keen hosts.
How much size showed the people in Brazil and the fans of all nations which showed respect and liking notwithstanding bitter disappointment of their own for the winning teams! Dealing with radical fans will have to change, however.
The tournament dragged worldwide so many people into his spell, like never. The presence of the sporting event was used increasingly also for social messages. Brazil presented itself as a host country striving for progress. The great expectations of the population to social renewals came considerably to the expression. It is a encouraging sign of liberty and openness the country that they are shown so openly. In the elections in fall pioneering decisions line up. It gets thrilling to observe how Brazil speeds itself up and how lastingly the media report about it!
The next host country, Russia, shows a considerably more negative balance regarding human right in the national and international context. In view of the developments in the Ukraine, also prominent footballers demand to shift the World Cup in 2018 from Russia. The withdrawal of the football tournament is regarded as political or economic sanctions as more effective. What a symbolic strength is attached to the football! What a longing for effective, symbolic measures for a more human world comes to the expression in this!
Sports cannot solve such great humanitarian conflicts. But the worldwide attention brought to him can help to fan an effective, lasting discussion. Take part at the great task improving the reconciliation of the world and our conditions of life lastingly. You are welcome!